It’s So Easy to Be Kind and Loving to the “Right” People.

June 24, 2023

I spent so much time & even years thinking it’s so hard to do acts of love & kindness, little did I know it might be just because I haven’t met the “right” people, or because I don’t let people be the “right” people, or because I just didn’t realize that they are the “right” people. Now I know that some people are easy to love. Some people are hard to love. And sometimes, we have no choice but to love these “hard” people. After all it’s life, we know it won’t always give us only what we want and what we need.

But today let’s talk about these “easy” people.
The people who treat you right.
The people who understand you.
The people who put effort to understand you.
The people who truly care about you.
The people who do kind things cause they care about you.

Not really romantically, but also in friendships & other forms of relationship.
And little did I know that… my motivation to do kind & loving things greatly stems from how people treat me. 
When someone is genuinely nice to me, I have this huge urge wanting to treat them well too. And really do treat them well. (at least according to my standard).
I didn’t realize that people’s kindness and love can motivate me to be a better person. Honestly it makes me feel better about myself. 

However I can’t help to think that it’s an irony that my capability to be kind & loving is deeply correlated with how people treat me.
Maybe this is the type of kindness & love that I can afford to do. 
But I guess it’s ok...
As long as I’m growing into a better person.

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