Took a while to think what to put here... I'll just write down some (maybe fun) facts:

  • My real name is Metta, but my (mostly) online nickname is Megummu. Took inspiration from a Shojo Manga.
  • I love writing (obviously).
  • I love creating my own little world - where I have major control and can do things my way without needing to follow people's opinions.
  • I can't sing or play any musical instrument but I love listening to music & finding meanings behind song lyrics.
  • I’m someone who’s more often being comforted through songs, movies & mangas rather than people, so I really appreciate these types of arts.
  • My MBTI is INTP. Some people say that MBTI is not reliable, but so far it's been helpful to learn about myself more (not 100% accurate of course)
  • I would love to know various interesting people and how they live their life as well as their perspectives. I love the feeling of thinking "yeah we could do it that way as well". I dislike the feeling of needing to follow the majority or people around us.
  • I'm a Computer Science graduate turned into a marketer. Not sure what I'll be in the future tho.
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