I Know You’d Hate Me One Day

August 20, 2023

I know you’d hate me one day
I imagine you’d tell your friends how terribly I treated you
How I didn't give you the chance you think you deserve
And cruelly pushed you away from my life easily from your point of view
As if all these years that don’t fit in 1 hand - they don’t mean anything at all

You’d tell your new girl how she’s much more in everything compared to me
You’d tell your therapist you’re glad that you have survived this pitfall
Your family would give you the sweetest smile and say you’ve done a good job
You’d be a guest in a fancy podcast and tell all the listeners the learnings of being with an awful person for too many years
And what you did to get back on your feet
Giving a positive impact on the greater world, like how you have always dreamed of

And all that would left of me would only be apologies
Even tho I know in the future they won’t even mean anything at all
And all that you’d have for me is hatred

Yet I’d be more okay than ever
And you’d be okay too

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