Big Things in Love

July 1, 2023

Love is a verb - that I always believe. After all I think it’s bullshit to say that we love someone without doing acts of loving for them or with them in mind.

But what kind of acts of loving really do matter?
I’ve seen lots of words & articles & opinions about how love is in the small things. I do agree.
How someone treats me, the small actions & gestures, the kind words - I can feel loved through all of these. Especially since my #1 love language is acts of service lol

Small things really mean a lot & reduce the chance of growing apart (as explained by this article damn well) & I know doing them consistently ain’t easy - but today I want to emphasize more about the opposite of small things:

The big things.
The big decisions.
The commitments.
The risks.
The stakes.

I’m not talking about fancy & huge surprises or gifts, I’m talking about the actions that can impact someone’s life 180 degrees.
Being in a relationship officially, tying the knot, moving to a new place, changing jobs - these kinds of things.
Would someone do it for you? Or would someone care about it & initiate a healthy discussion with you?

Someone can do all the right things, someone can say all the sweet things.
But if in the end they don’t do big things for you when it’s needed….. then what’s the point?

In loving someone, I think small things & big things are equally important.

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